Camping Greenwood
In the best traditions of European camping
Greenwood is a camping in a Scandinavian style
in the heart of the Perm region.

Camping located in Polazna
on the picturesque bank of the pond, 20 km from Perm.
Who is visiting us?
Auto and motorcycle tourists
Caravaners and motorhomes
Those who want to take a break from the city in nature

Accommodation options
Hotel rooms
Caravan trailers
Small wood houses
Parking spaces for caravan trailers
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What we have
Free wi-fi
Dining and barbecue areas
Shared kitchen
with all conviniences
Washer and dryer
Places for personal hygiene

Free electric vehicle charging

Water drain, sewerage
Tourist equipment rental

What to do at the campsite?
Have an evening by the fire
with guitar songs
Go to the sauna
Arrange a boat trip
Swim in the pond
Rent a sup board from our partners
Go horseback riding
Go fishing
Do nothing and just enjoy nature
Buy gift certificates for any amount
What to watch?
Stone city
(160 km from the campsite)
Usva pillars
(150 km from the campsite)
(260 km from campsite)
Impressions of our guests
How to find us?
+7 922 646-58-50
+7 902 632-44-90

The address
Russia, Perm region, Polazna, st. Sibirskaya, 3

Book a place in the first camping of the European level
in the Perm region